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ComfortDelGro is one of the largest land transport companies in the world with a global workforce, a global shareholder base and a global outlook.
The Group was formed on 29 March 2003 through the merger of two land transport companies - Comfort Group and DelGro Corporation. Both had started out in the 1970s and had, by the time of the merger, grown to become successful listed land transport companies.

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Following the merger, ComfortDelGro has expanded significantly and now operates in seven countries and has a global fleet of about 34,000 vehicles.
ComfortDelGro’s businesses include bus, taxi, rail, car rental and leasing, automotive engineering services, inspection and testing services, driving centres, non-emergency patient transport services, insurance broking services and outdoor advertising.
Apart from being the market leader in Singapore, ComfortDelGro has a significant overseas presence. The Group’s operations currently extend from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, as well as across nine cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu.

Corporate Signature

Our logo reflects the evolution of a market leader. Both partners’ names are retained. The familiar blue Comfort blue and the vibrant orange of DelGro continue to be used.

The “T” and “D” in the name act as a ligature, or shared letter, seamlessly joining the two companies.
The typeface is specially created and embodies the unique qualities of the new company. It is a modern sans serif face, and yet, with rounded edges and flairs, shows off the rich heritage of the company.
The final ‘O’, with its graphic accent, reinforces the company’s core business of transport – moving people in Singapore and around the world.